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Thanks for taking the time to check out our little information website on Why You Should Choose a Tungsten Ring.  It really doesn’t matter if you’re looking to use the ring as a Tungsten Wedding Band, Tungsten Wedding Ring, or just an eye catching piece of Tungsten Jewelry.  Tungsten is by far the most durable, wear resistant, hard, non bending material that has been used in jewelry manufacturing to date.

These rings are designed to last you a lifetime, and beyond.  In the next few posts we will lay out the case for Tungsten Rings and other Tungsten Jewelry by giving you the information that you need to make an informed decision as to weather or not this is the right material for you wedding band.

Traditionally, Tungsten has been used in Men’s Wedding Rings, however it has become increasingly popular in the production of Women’s Wedding Rings as well.  They can range in size from 3MM in width, up to 12MM in width depending on who is manufacturing them.  This covers the span of petite to massive quite nicely.  Although there aren’t a lot of options for mounting a diamond besides bezel setting – make no mistake this is a modern look for your possible selection of wedding bands that should just not be ignored. 

Again, welcome to our little site, we hope that you take the time to login and comment, share you experiences with Tungsten Wedding Rings.  Voice your likes, your dislikes, or ask question and someone will answer them for you. 

Looking forward to our journey together!

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