Sizing a Tungsten Ring

Sizing a Tungsten Wedding Ring can prove to be a bit challenging. The reason for this is that virtually all Tungsten Rings have a ‘fit’ that is called comfort fit. What this means is that the inside of the ring has a curve. By comparison, a standard fit ring will basically be flat all the way through, so it will have the same diameter no matter where you measure it.

With the comfort fit ring having the curve, lets say that you had a size 10 ring.  The center of that ring is going to measure a size 10, and it will curve outward from there.  This results in the edges of the ring being slightly ‘larger’ than the center.  This effect is usually more prevalent on rings that are 8MM+, because the curve is spanning a greater distance. 

Due to this effect – we recommend that if you are sized in a jewelry store with a standard fit ring sizer (usually you will see these on a big key ring type ring) make sure that the sizer fits snugly on your finger.  We know this is uncomfortable, but it isn’t going to be the same as actually wearing a ring.  As a rule of thumb, if you are planning tu purchase a ring that is 8MM+ in width, you should order 1/2 size smaller than what you are sized at.

Is this method fool proof?  Of course not.  Many large retailers have taken up their own sizing scale in an attempt to ruin internet competition.  That way you go into their stores, they tell you that you are a size 10, and then you order something for 1/4 of the price online and you end up with the wrong size.  There are only a few chains that do this – we believe your best bet is to go to a large department store like Macy’s or JC Penny to get a ring size. 

There are several sites that do online sizing, and many printable ring size charts.  If you choose to use one of these charts we highly recommend that you pay attention to the printing instructions.  Every printer scales slightly differently, has different options while printing to turn off scaling, and even prints images at slightly different sizes.  As you can imagine this causes problems when trying to size a ring with a printable ring sizing chart – although we have found that if you email the folks over at Ring Ninja they will send you one of the most accurate printable sizing charts that we’ve seen so far.

Hope this information helps you in your quest to order a Tungsten Ring online!  Just remember that most sites have exchange/return policies, and even if you have to exchange it – if you order from a retailer like Ring Ninja you will be saving yourself 75%, even if you have to do an exchange.