Buy Tungsten Rings

Here at Choose Tungsten we believe that you should be presented with the best choice to purchase your Tungsten Wedding Band.  There are many retailers out there – some good, and a lot that are bad.  You might wonder, isn’t a Tungsten Ring a Tungsten Ring?  Well the short answer is no.  There are several processes by which a Tungsten Wedding Band can be finished – brought to it’s permanently shiny state.  For the most part, these processes do not vary enough to make a significant difference in the quality of the band.

There is however, an element that is used as the binding agent between the Tungsten and the Carbide powders that can play a significant role.  That binding agent that causes problems is known as Cobalt.  Althought Cobalt is a fine element on it’s own, and can actually be used to make some pretty striking wedding rings, it just doesn’t work as a binding agent for Tungsten Carbide Rings.  The reason it is used by some manufacturers is because it makes the ring softer.  This makes it easier to machine, and much easier to produce. 

So how do you know if your ring will contain cobalt, or some other impurity?  Quite simply, you won’t.  Not until you’ve had it for awhile.  Over time your ring could actually turn blue, and in the process stain your finger – there is no surer sign of an impure ring than this. 

For the most part, if your Tungsten Ring is going to cost you $20, it’s a pretty safe bet that the ring is not being made by a reputable manufacturer.  However, there are some retailers that sell these rings at very reasonable prices, that sell rings that have been TESTED cobalt and lead free.  The site that we recommend, for the best prices, and HIGHEST quality would be:

Ring Ninja has a wide selection of Tungsten Wedding Rings, Tungsten Wedding Bands, and other Alternative Metal Wedding Rings such as Titanium, Cobalt, and Stainless Steel that you will be able to afford – and can feel confident that they will last a lifetime.

Below are some other vendors of Tungsten Jewelry.  We do not endorse any of these, however we invite you to take a look and compare the prices of these inferior retailers and make up your own mind.